Welcome to KuhlFranklin = our family and our family business(es).
JavaVino and Beanealogy.

What We Do

We are a "coffee" family of Kuhl (mom) and Franklin (dad), plus our two KuhlFranklin kids. We've created a partnership of our last names, KuhlFranklin LLC.

My folks run a family coffee farm, my family has been in the coffee industry since the last 1880's. We come from a long line of coffee farmers! Since 2004, we have used our own company, KuhlFranklin LLC to run our mom & pop coffee & wine business, JavaVino. We source my parent's coffee through our wholesale business, Beanealogy. Using Beanealogy we provide coffee to JavaVino, plus many restaurants, cofeee shops and high-end grocery stores, such as Whole Foods and Fresh Market. The End!


Our Pride

In short. JavaVino. Beanealogy. Our family.


Contact Us.

E-mail is best.